NEW YORK—Ever since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic last March, Jobson Research has been polling ECPs and optical retailers about their experiences, the impacts on their practices and their assessment of PPP, PPE, gradual reopenings and more. A new compilation of Jobson's market research, examines 20 Waves of those ECP Coronavirus Studies, a compendium of some 128 questions that evolved during the initiative. The report, "20 Waves of Coronavirus Surveys," examining the evolving results from March 2020 through March 2021, has just been issued.

The Jobson Research compendium which examines how ECPs were impacted by and adjusted to doing business during the pandemic. Some questions were asked throughout the year, others emerged as the year went on. Trends are shown on each slide for the waves in which each question was asked. Users can see how ECPs adapted and persevered to continue to provide eyecare to patients in a safe and valuable way while protecting the livelihood of their patients and staff.

The purchase price and other details about the 20 Waves of ECP Research are available here.