Jobson Optical Research’s Eyecare Professional Income Study for 2019 Is Now Available

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NEW YORK—The 2019 study of eyecare professionals’ income, compiled by Jobson Optical Research, is now available. This newly designed extensive study provides average income for optometrists, optician/dispensers and optical office managers across the U.S. In addition, a full comparison of male vs. female is broken out across all demographics. The research data is a critical resource to benchmark a practice’s compensation policies against the national and regional variances. The information and data are presented in charts and tables for quicker understanding and comprehension.

The report shows average income broken out by: gender, location type, years of experience, specific U.S. region, owner vs. non-owner professional, supervisory status and practice revenue size.

The report provides additional gender profiles for number of businesses worked in, number of times switched jobs, key factors in switching jobs and negotiation of salary and benefits.

To purchase a copy of this new report (priced at $545), click here or contact research director Jennifer Waller at with any questions.