I-Deal Optics Celebrates 25 Years in Business

TROY, Mich.—I-Deal Optics is kicking off the new year with a celebration of its 25th anniversary. Originally founded in 1996 by Mort Feldman and current president and CEO, Michael Feldman, I-Deal Optics began as a 300 square foot workspace within a lab located in Ferndale, Michigan. The founders’ original vision was “was to fill the emerging value frame market with good quality, good looking, low priced frames, backed up with the commitment to provide the best possible service to the customers,” the company said.

I-Deal built a product portfolio of seven house brands to cover all of an ECP’s frame needs. The company’s portfolio now includes the iconic men’s brand Haggar and the well-established women’s brand by Perry Ellis, Rafaella, licensed to I-deal in 2005 and 2018, respectively. In 2011, I-Deal moved to their 20,000 square foot headquarters in Troy, Michigan. In 2015, Main Street Capital and the I-Deal senior management team acquired the company.

Michael Feldman said, “I truly can’t imagine where we would be today without our incredibly loyal customer base that keeps growing year after year. Their commitment to I-Deal Optics and everything we intended to build from the beginning puts a rubber stamp on our business idea. Our idea is a simple one which is to deliver the best value in eyewear, period. I’m so grateful for their partnership with us.”

Chief commercial officer Jan Cory said, “This anniversary year the entire company, including a field sales team of 36 and a new key account and retail division, will continue to focus on our existing customers, while opening record numbers of new customers, as we did in 2020. The need to meet the profit requirements of the ECP at the practice door level has never been greater. We look to fully delight our accounts with our prices, our products, our service and our promotions.”