John Alofs, founder and CEO, Eyewear by R.O.I.
PHOENIX, Ariz.—Eyewear by R.O.I and the Bulova Corporation have announced the extension of their licensing agreement through 2025, a 30-year partnership. “Bulova Eyewear is dispensed at thousands of optical locations throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia,” stated John Alofs, founder and CEO of Eyewear by R.O.I. He added, “We are proud to design, manufacture and distribute eyewear under this iconic American brand.” Jeffrey Cohen, president, Bulova Corporation, said, “When entering into a licensing agreement, it is vitally important that the company you select shares the same values as your brand when it comes to quality and craftsmanship.

"We are happy to announce the continuation of our relationship with Eyewear by R.O.I. as the manufacturer, and distributor of Bulova branded eyewear. Like Bulova, Eyewear by R.O.I. is an industry leader in designing, manufacturing and distributing a fine quality product that offers great value to the consumer,” Cohen said.