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NEW YORK—The Eyewear ArtWalk Show is a new collaboration of several independent eyewear creators and artcentric collections ready to tour the New England market this month. National sales reps, designers, creators and artistic optical enthusiasts will converge at various locales, for a one-to-two day show, focused on their latest eyewear creations, offered wholesale to the optical community. Explained Stephen Fournier, eyewear designer, "The Eyewear Artwalk is a result of cancellations of gatherings en masse, and with concern for proper protective protocols, this may be an answer to address the lack of connection between the newest products offered from small eyewear design companies and their fans.

Added Melodie Annis, national representative for Henau Eyewear, “We needed a safe way to effectively meet with buyers, to supply our eyewear fans with an easy to control environment, and show off the products our companies have been creating during the past several months.”

“Like a rock band that tours from city to city, the Eyewear ArtWalk is a happening, an opportunity to meet and greet, and the performances are the creations themselves,” stated Fournier, also a rock musician. “We came together out of need to supply our favorite optical retailers, while adopting safety protocols and PPE standards, by showing in adjacent hotel suites.”

Upcoming our dates are: 

  • October 18 & 19 Waltham,  Mass.,  Embassy Suites 
  • October 20 & 21 Portland,  Maine,  Embassy Suites 
  • October 22 Worcester, Mass.,. Hilton Gardens Suites 

Reservations for the tour of the Eyewear Artwalk may be made through the official website at

Fournier told VMAIL, "Each company will be in a separate suite, and visits will be made by appointment. We feel this is the safest method for this time. We expect each room will have times where there is no appointment, and walk-ins will be available on a case by case, etc.  PPE protocols are the first measure, then space in the schedule next."

He added that the group is planning bookings or a November tour in Florida and a January tour in Arizona.

Some of the confirmed brands featured for the Northeastern U.S. tour are Casanova, Henau, Nina Mur, Lucas De Stael, Taxi, la Eyeworks, Fiction, Davette’s Lunettes, Lafont, Laibach & York, La Dolce Vita, Le Kevin, Fabulous Face Shields, My Friend's Lab, Matsuda Eyewear, and Kingdom Luxury.