EyePACS Tops 5 Million Fundus Images in Telemedicine Provider Database


EyePAC co-founder, George Bresnick, MD,
examining a patient.
Credit: EyePACS

SANTA CRUZ, Calif.—EyePACS, a leading diabetic retinopathy telemedicine provider in the U.S., announced that, in February of this year, it surpassed 5 million retinal images in its global comprehensive retinal diagnostic and study database. Beginning in 2003 with its first deployment in California, the EyePACS comprehensive retina diagnostic and study platform has been used by certified and credentialed eye clinicians to provide retinal assessment for nearly 1 million diabetic patients. Deployed in more than 600 community health centers across the U.S. and additional sites internationally, the EyePACS telemedicine platform is the largest assessment network of its kind for diabetic retinopathy.

"We recognized that blindness prevention is actually a primary care task, since the primary care physician is the clinician diabetic patients see most often. The challenge was creating a scenario for getting high quality images, in an environment typically absent any eyecare services. It also needed to allow a non-disruptive workflow for a simple and fast upload, assessment and report turnaround process for the community health centers to be as seamless as possible. Our community of patients, clinics, and providers have given us a deep and unique view into retinal screening and chronic disease care in general," said Jorge Cuadros, OD, PhD, CEO and co-founder of EyePACS.

EyePACS is a privately held company, based here. It offers programs for community health clinics and primary care practices to implement diabetic retinopathy and retina assessment programs, utilizing their proprietary cloud-based Comprehensive Clinical Diagnosis & Study Suite, a diagnostic platform designed for telemedicine.