DALLAS—This holiday season, eyecare professionals can help give kids the gift of clear vision by participating in Essilor Vision Foundation’s (EVF) See Kids Soar program. See Kids Soar is a donation campaign designed to inspire parents, patients, and eyecare staff to adopt the cause of vision. Participating practices raise awareness and funds to make vision exams and eyeglasses available for children who otherwise would not be able to get vision care. “We often hear from eye doctors who want to know how they can help people in need and give back in their communities,” said Becky Palm, EVF president and executive director. “See Kids Soar is the perfect way for ODs to engage their practice and patients with a cause they care about and to help children get the clear vision they need to succeed.” ODs who enroll in See Kids Soar receive a marketing kit with materials to support the cause of vision, fundraise for the cause, and promote their charitable efforts.

Ninety percent of every dollar raised through See Kids Soar helps fund programs that provide vision exams and glasses for children and that educate the general public about the importance of eye health, according to EVF. Donations also help EVF support more than 60 percent of U.S. vision non-profits, the majority of elementary schools, and thousands of philanthropic eye doctors with resources to provide vision screenings, eye exams and glasses to people in need.

In an effort to raise awareness about See Kids Soar, EVF is partnering with healthcare marketing services company Relevate Health Group, which is educating ODs about the program and helping to enroll them. “Both Relevate Health Group and EVF work to improve lives by inspiring healthier communities, making this a natural partnership,” said Jeff Spanbauer, CEO of Relevate Health Group.

In addition to helping to provide vision services in underserved areas, doing good is good for an OD’s business. An EVF survey found that 61 percent of customers would choose an eyecare professional who supports a charitable cause over one who does not. Additionally, the survey found that 89 percent of consumers would switch brands to help support a good cause; 85 percent of consumers have a more positive image of products or companies whey they support a cause they care about.

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