Determination and Focus Rebuilds the New Freestanding Shopko Optical

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GREEN BAY, Wis.—Many businesses have a “back story.” But not too many have a story like the one that has driven the creation of today’s Shopko Optical. It's one that reflects determination, spirit, investment and the commitment of an entire team of employees and eyecare professionals to not only keep a good business going but to carve out new ways of engaging with patients across a range of Midwestern and Western communities. Shopko Optica'ls top executives and leadership teams are understandably proud of what they were able to accomplish during an intense period of transition and transformation in the past year.

Shopko Optical, backed by the investment firm Monarch Capital, has been a leading provider of eyecare services to Midwest communities for more than 40 years. The optical company was acquired out of bankruptcy court for $8.5 million in mid-May by Monarch. At the time of the bankruptcy court resolution, there were only six freestanding Shopko Optical locations operating. In the second half of last year, the Shopko Optical team opened 80 freestanding optical centers in 180 days, and another freestanding center this year. Today, the company plans to open an additional 35 optical centers in 2020.

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