COVID's Impact on Optical, Examines the Year of 2020 Numbers in Review in a Special Report from Jobson Research


NEW YORK—Having conducted a series of exclusive surveys and studies throughout the course of 2020 and continuing into this year, Jobson Research's ongoing research with U.S. eyecare professionals and optical retailers provided regular and consistent perspectives on the dramatic and pervasive impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the optical business and the vision care space. A new special report, "COVID's Impact on Optical: The Year of 2020 Numbers in Review," takes a broader view of the industry's performance since March through December of 2020, offering a unique portrait of the pandemic's consequences.

The 2020 Numbers in Review incorporates Jobson's ECP 18 Waves of ECP research (in 2020) along with its Weekly COVID-19 Tracker reports and compares those results to a special timeline of general pandemic cases and developments with national and regional data for top line general retail sales, optical closings and reopenings, topline regional trends, capture rates and more.

The report is made possible by an unrestricted grant from Zeiss

The report contains an analysis which depicts "A Clear View Rear View of 2020," examining the timeline of COVID-19's overall progression, case numbers and developments. Among more than a dozen exclusive charts in the report are U.S. Average Gross Optical (Dispensary) Revenue per Location, Average Gross Optical Revenue comparing 2020 to 2019, Average Gross Optical Revenue per location by Region, a comparison of all retail Sales Vs. Optical Sales, the pace of optical location reopenings and several others, including ECP views toward sanitation protocols and telehealth.

COVID’s Impact on Optical: The Year of 2020 Numbers in Review a Special Report Featuring Exclusive Jobson Research Data & Surveys can be downloaded for no charge here.