CORE’s Comprehensive Searchable Contact Lens Database Launched in the U.S.


WATERLOO, Ontario—For the first time, the premier searchable contact lens database for eyecare practitioners (ECPs)—the Contact Lens Compendium—is accessible in the U.S. With the launch of the U.S. version, ECPs now have free access to the most up-to-date listing of contact lens products, including the latest lens parameters, solutions and rewetting drops currently available on the American market, according to an announcement this week. Maintained by the Centre for Ocular Research & Education   (CORE) at the University of Waterloo, this vital resource is updated regularly online and offers a variety of search options for product filtering and comparison, enabling practitioners to easily find suitable products for their patients.

Manufacturers are also able to log in to update product information directly. The project is a resource of Contact Lens Update.

With a few keystrokes, ECPs can quickly find and compare contact lenses and solutions across the entire universe of available products. For instance, a fitter can pull up silicone hydrogel daily disposable lens options for a patient with a -8.00D prescription in seconds, or easily query all monthly hydrogels for a hyperopic astigmat of +4.00/-2.25 x 35.

The advanced search function enables exact parameters to be used, saving time and presenting perhaps otherwise overlooked possibilities, according to the announcement.

Compendium has long been available for the Canadian market in both print and online formats. The online version has become a valuable resource for thousands of Canadian optometrists.

“As we’ve seen online usage of Compendium grow in Canada, we’ve heard from practitioners that it is their go-to resource for contact lens product information,” Sarah Guthrie, a senior research scientist at CORE, said in the announcement. “We wanted to bring that same comprehensive online reference for lenses and solutions to optometrists in the U.S.”

A U.S. print version will be updated annually and is available for either free download or bound hard copy purchase at the following link.

Contact Lens Compendium versions exist thanks to the financial support of both the optometric profession and the contact lens industry, according to the announcement.