CooperVision Partners With Lifetime TV on Eyecare and CL Education


PLEASANTON, Calif.—To inform the general public about growing prevalence of digital eye fatigue, the importance of oxygen to eye health, and the advanced contact lens technologies available to help, CooperVision has partnered with Lifetime’s “The Balancing Act” to produce an educational segment that will air on Memorial Day—Monday, May 27—during the show’s 7:30 a.m. broadcast. The segment features interviews with Erin Case, OD, who practices at Elite Vision Care in Boynton Beach, Fla., and two patients, each with different eye care needs. The first shares her experience with digital eye fatigue, including her understanding of the causes and symptoms of the condition, and her experience with CooperVision Biofinity Energys.

The second patient is a busy full-time grad student and receptionist, and after discussing her contact lens wear with Dr. Case, the OD highlights the advantages and convenience of switching to CooperVision clariti 1 day contact lenses.

“Through our collaboration with eye care professionals, CooperVision works every day to educate patients about the impact of digital device usage on the eyes, as well as the benefits of silicone hydrogel 1-day contact lenses,” said Michele Andrews, OD, senior director of professional and academic affairs, North America, CooperVision. “With our investment in public awareness, we hope to reach an even broader audience, inspiring patients to walk into eye care practices feeling informed about the issues they may be experiencing—sparking a meaningful discussion with their practitioners about their eye health and the best contact lens options.”

The Balancing Act episode featuring contact lenses will air an additional 500 times in National Broadcast Syndication, will appear in approximately 500,000 hotel rooms nationwide, and will be available online at In addition, CooperVision has planned a digital advertising campaign featuring the segment, which will run in top media markets through August.