ClearVision, With Aspire and Revo, Announces Joint Sponsorship of Miles of Portraits: India Cycling Campaign


HAUPPAUGE, New York—ClearVision Optical, in partnership with Aspire Eyewear and Revo, is announcing their sponsorship of the Miles of Portraits: India campaign. Miles of Portraits, developed by Erik Douds and Annalisa van den Bergh, is a magazine and film that highlights Douds and van den Bergh’s cycling journey 700 miles across southwest India over a four-week period. Douds and van den Bergh are both Type-1 diabetics, and are embarking on this journey to raise awareness for what they describe as an “invisible disease.”

So far, Douds and van den Bergh have cycled over 20,000 miles together to raise awareness for Type 1 Diabetes. They have ridden the TransAmerica trail from Virginia to Seattle, as well as a 1,000 mile loop around Alaska and a Southwestern U.S. tour. They aim to begin their ride through India on January 6.

The route covers approximately 700 miles over four weeks. It will begin in Kochi, then venture into the tropical hills of Kerala and will finally end along the southwestern coast of India. Throughout the trip, Erik and Annalisa will be capturing photos and video footage of the people they meet along the way, and they will compile that footage into a magazine and film upon returning to the U.S. In the past, their stories have been featured in Adventure Cyclist Magazine, Outside Magazine, The Washington Post, and the REI Co-op Journal.

Both Douds and van den Bergh have worked with Revo in the past. In addition, Douds, a global traveler and endurance athlete, has served as an Aspire Eyewear ambassador.

Van den Bergh said, “Our aim is to show that people living with type 1 diabetes [or any condition for that matter] can go anywhere and do anything. We are proud to work with a company that shares this message so passionately.”

To view past Miles of Portraits magazines and videos, visit To follow Erik and Annalisa on their ride through India, visit the Miles of Portraits Instagram or Facebook pages. In addition, Aspire Eyewear, Revo and Erik and Annalisa will share their moments from the trip on their social pages as well.