Clear Sight Partners Adds Three New Members to Executive Management Team

TAMPA, Fla.—Last month, as VMAIL reported, Spanos Barber Jesse & Co. announced that it completed a partnership with five vision practices to form Clear Sight Partners, LLC and announced Brian Hauser as chief executive officer. Hauser is building his executive management team and has brought three health care leaders to the group, including Tracy Bittner as vice president of human resources, Chris Brisch as vice president of finance and Shanna Tumbleson as vice president of marketing.

Together, the team will integrate five vision care brands into one of the largest vertically integrated vision care providers in the West and Central Florida area, an announcement said.

Bittner has nearly 20 years of HR experience establishing core HR frameworks, including HR strategies, organizational design, processes, policies and technology to support successful HR programs. Brisch has a 25-year career in business finance, specifically within high transaction, high velocity environments requiring M&A integration, planning and budgeting. Tumbleson has nearly 15 years of marketing experience, specifically creating brand value and increasing patient volume for multi-site health care organizations.

“Tracy, Chris and Shanna all bring a wealth of health care industry experience and expertise in their respective disciplines,” said Hauser. “We are fortunate to have Tracy build our HR programs to care for our people, Chris to guide us through this consolidation, and Shanna to build a new brand and drive patient volume. Together, we will be able to impact more people with both fulfilling careers and life-changing vision care services.”

Today, the CSP practices operate 14 clinics and treat more than 100,000 patients in the West Central Florida area by providing a broad range of eyecare services, including ophthalmology, optometry, optical procedures and related surgeries. Clear Sight Partners and its medical professional partners Pasadena Eye and Surgical Center, Eye Associates of Pinellas, Gulf Coast Retina Services, Ryczek Eye Associates, Vision Specialty Associates and Opti-mart provide integrated vision care services, including ophthalmology, optometry, optical services and related surgeries out of 14 clinics locations.

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