California-Based RAEN Announces Plans to Expand to Europe


OCEANSIDE, Calif.—Eyewear brand, Raen had announced plans to expand with the formation of Raen Optics GmbH or Raen Europe. Christian Grund, the founder of RAEN’s former European eyewear distributor, Eyegents, will lead this new division. Grund helped RAEN grow significantly in the region over the past two years, establishing itself as a top player in the premium eyewear market. In this new role he will be responsible for all business across Germany and France, where this division will serve, including sales, marketing, distribution and operations and will report to RAEN vice president of sales, Scott Chantos.

“With the explosive growth of our business in the U.S. and Europe, it only made sense to identify the ideal partner to build our infrastructure in Europe,” said Jeff Fitzhugh, CEO of Raen. “Christian and I enjoy a history dating back to our successful years at Oakley, and I’m extremely confident about his leadership of this region moving forward. Anytime you have the opportunity to work with someone as talented as he is, you jump at it.”

Additionally, Raen Europe will house a distribution facility that will eventually supply all European markets outside France and Germany which are currently managed by Raen’s network of distributors.

“Our design methodology relies on bringing modern classic, high-quality, handmade frames to market at an accessible price point,” said Justin Heit, Raen founder and creative director. “This design language in combination with an appreciation for independent, authentic, quality brands has resonated really well in the European market. We are just beginning to realize our potential.”