LYON, France—Over the past few months, Bollé has strengthened its expertise in helmet and sunglass design with the addition of key industry talent in significant new roles. The company is also making a significant statement in its commitment to developing sustainable products. Quentin Chapelain, formerly head of the carbon neutrality project at Air Liquide, has recently joined Bollé Brands as the company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) manager. This a new position with the mission of defining, coordinating, and developing the Group’s ESG strategy by leading projects and initiatives to further Bollé’s sustainable business model and product offerings.

Quentin Chapelain
“For Bollé Brands Group, this new season is a strategic point in the development process it has initiated in recent months. I am delighted to be strengthening our teams in key posts around three of the pillars that form the foundation of our Group,” said François Benaben, president of the Sport & Luxury Division at Bollé Brands.

“This digital acceleration, the intensification of our presence in the field to increase the visibility of our brands, and the strengthening of our ESG strategy will all be major assets to support our future growth, enabling us to consolidate our position among the leaders in the eyewear and sports markets.”

Other key additions to Bollé’s EPIC Center include:

Corentin Daniel
Hugo Distefano
Marco Benetti
Camille Tremsal

Corentin Daniel, who brings 17 years of experience working as an engineer with a focus on creating technical hinges and other integrated parts and joins Bollé as the global product engineer, a newly created position. Prior to joining Bollé, Daniel worked as a freelance engineer.

Hugo Distefano joins Bollé as a global eyewear designer. Prior to joining Bollé, Distefano spent eight years working on designs for eyewear and eye sport protection, having most recently served as product designer for the Subea division at Decathlon.

Marco Benetti brings 20 years of experience and will be taking the role of designer and product manager. He most recently served as design and product manager for ProDesign/Design Eyewear Group based in Aarhus (Denmark).

Camille Tremsal joins Bollé as the RX manager and product coordinator. Tremsal most recently served as the footwear product manager for Salomon.

Bollé said the expanded team will allow it to become “even more innovative and committed to its goals than ever before.”