Blue Light Summit Addresses Effects of More Screen Time and HEV Light Exposure


MINNEAPOLIS—Eyesafe, UnitedHealthcare Vision and TUV Rheinland Group presented the Blue Light Summit 2020 on October 15, bringing together world leaders from consumer electronics and health care for a first of its kind cross-industry event. The global event, organized around the theme of “designing for human health,” was a forum that brought together leaders from health care and electronics to discuss the health impacts of the increasing levels of screen time amid the global pandemic and increased exposure to HEV blue light resulting from it.

Brands including Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Zagg Brands, AMD as well as display maker BOE, shared in broad discussion with health care professionals from UnitedHealthcare and the Eyesafe Vision Health Advisory Board.

“UnitedHealthcare Vision is focused on supporting whole-person health by helping encourage eye health for the millions of members we are privileged to serve through employer-sponsored, individual and government plans,” said John Ryan, CEO, UnitedHealthcare Vision. “With many people of all ages spending more time using digital devices, this year’s summit and recent innovations related to blue-light filtering technology has taken on added importance for employers, eyecare professionals, educators and consumers.”

The Blue Light Summit follows the release of the Screen Time 2020 Report from UnitedHealthcare and Eyesafe, which includes survey results from employers and vision care providers related to screen time and blue light exposure—an issue of growing importance with the widespread shift to remote learning and working amid COVID-19.

Also at the event, global leaders in consumer electronics unveiled new hardware and aftermarket solutions that reduce high-energy blue light emissions. Brands that unveiled the next generation of products that have achieved Eyesafe certification—a set of requirements for low blue light and high color performance—include Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer and Zagg Brands.