Apple Smart Glass Lens Reported in Trial Production

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NEW YORK—Tech website SlashGear reported last week that Apple’s smart glass lenses have reportedly gone into trial production, as one of the key components for its upcoming AR products apparently makes it past the prototype stage. “Based on technology expected to be used first in an augmented reality headset, and then a pair of sunglasses-style Apple Glasses, the lenses will presumably allow apps to project digital graphics into the wearer’s line of sight,” SlashGear said.

Apple is said to have been collaborating with Foxconn, its long-time manufacturing partner, on developing the transparent displays, according to SlashGear.

SlashGear, citing a source familiar with Apple’s development, said the lenses are likely to be multilayered and made of different synthetic materials. “Although the layers themselves are all thin, the resulting lens is said to be “slightly larger than those typically found in eyeglasses,” according to the source.

Apple’s move may signal that competition in the smart glass market is heating up. Last week, VMAIL reported that rival tech giant Google had acquired smart glass maker North. However, a Google executive said that North’s technology will be use to build “helpful devices and services,” and that North’s technical expertise will help Google with its “hardware efforts and ambient computing future.”