2nd Annual Canadian Frame Study Reveals Opportunities and Threats


NEW YORK—The results of the second annual Canadian Frame Market internet study, jointly conducted by VuePoint IDS and Jobson Optical Research, are now available. The 2018 study, building upon the inaugural research conducted in 2017, reveals that eyecare professionals are choosing to be more selective and do business with fewer frame suppliers, according to an announcement from VuePoint IDS. The distribution strength of the top players shows signs of weakening compared to the previous year. Only 2 of the top 10 companies showed gains in distribution.

Among frame suppliers with 20 percent or greater door penetration, few (11 percent) showed an increase in distribution. These results indicate that Canadian ECPs remain open and willing to list new frame suppliers that fulfill their most valued attributes but are being more selective in their choices.

The study provided insights on 38 Canadian frame suppliers on 28 different market attributes including perception of product quality, customer service, sales rep service and more. For the first time, the study probed Canadian ECPs’ attitudes toward firms with and without a Canadian-based customer service and distribution presence and identified specific issues experienced in dealing with suppliers not based in Canada.
The study identifies which companies are perceived to potentially gain or lose business over the next 12 months.

A Net Promoter Score (NPS) for the leading suppliers in the Canadian market is also provided. The NPS is a robust measure of company or brand loyalty by customers familiar with the brand and is widely-accepted as a proxy measure of revenue growth.

Companies competing within the Canadian market, evaluating the market for entry and/or considering major strategic changes in their approach to Canada, will find considerable value in the results.

The study is available for $995 or $1,195 CDN.

For more information, contact David Pietrobon, dpietrobon@vuepoint.ca VuePoint IDS at (226) 780-6871 Ext. 5111 or Bill Scott, bscott@jobsom.com Jobson Research.