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EyeIC Intros New Technology for Monitoring Advent and Progression of Retinal Disease and Glaucoma

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Product: MatchFlicker
Top Line: MatchedFlicker is a new technology for monitoring the advent and progression of retinal disease and glaucoma through change detection in time series images. It was developed by EyeIC, a medical technology firm dedicated to commercializing imaging technologies for medical applications.
Close Up: MatchedFlicker software uniquely enables one-button generation of an animated view of disease progression (i.e., automates ‘spot the difference’) from a pair of still images uploaded by clinician or technician to a secure, HIPAA website. Animations are currently accessible from most any internet-connected computer, and will soon be viewable (or shared) as downloadable animated GIF images. Users can immediately detect even very subtle differences that are easy to miss using standard side by side image comparison. The system enables better patient education, leading to increased awareness/engagement, according to EyeIC.
Other features include:
  • Published clinical data from fundus photos for glaucoma and retinal disease (ROP, AMD)
  • Technology based on landmark study done at Univ. of Pennsylvania; EyeIC owns the exclusive license to issued patents covering this.
  • FDA 510(k)/CE mark obtained, product is available through EyeIC website (pricing starts at $80/mo with discounted annual and group pricing).
  • A marketing partnership with Eyemaginations has just become available to their subscribers as an add-on.
  • Existing subscribers from around the world (US, EU, Brazil), both ophthalmologists and optometrists. In use by private practices and in telemedicine applications. Users have experienced enhanced patient satisfaction and revenues.
Vital Stats: By visiting, interested clinicians can access supporting publications, webinars and take a challenge. They can also sign up for a free, no credit card, two-week trial. Demonstrations and tutorials are also available from the company.
EyeIC is a leading provider of web-based medical image analysis tools, initially for applications in eyecare. The MatchedFlicker system is a 510(k) FDA-cleared subscription-based platform that enables clinicians to quickly compare ‘before and after’ images of the back of the eye to enable diagnosis and management of diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. The system automatically matches two images, superimposes them, and then alternately ‘flickers’ them back and forth so that any differences appear as motion to the user. These animated images can be used to quickly and accurately detect subtle changes resulting from eye disease and can also serve to improve education of patients about their disease progression and treatment plan, particularly when there has been no loss of visual function. The clinical utility of MachedFlicker compared to the gold standard side-by-side analysis has been the subject of numerous peer-reviewed papers in major ophthalmic journals and has been presented at research conferences such as ARVO.