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Silhouette Debuts iMirror Try-on App


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Silhouette iMirror
Top Line: Silhouette Optical has simplified the process of eyewear styling with its new iMirror app. The Silhouette iMirror app lets eyeglass wearers use an iPhone or iPad to try on Silhouette’s rimless glasses and sunglasses in three dimensions. Wearers can download the iMirror app and point their device’s camera at themselves. The app makes it possible to show a live video image with correctly positioned 3-D data to virtually wear eyewear in real time.
“The Silhouette iMirror is primarily meant to be used for making a pre-selection before visiting an optician. And, of course, it’s meant to be fun as well,” said Silhouette’s Arnold Schmied, a member of Silhouette’s managing board.
Close Up: While trying on a pair of glasses, the wearer can move, turn and rotate to view themselves in the mirror and see how they’d look to an observer. The webcam acts as a mirror that follows the wearer’s movements.
The iMirror user can try on as many models as he or she likes from the large selection of rimless glasses and sunglasses by Silhouette. Simply clicking on a pair allows the user to see how well the selected model would fit his or her face in all of its expressions and angles. Once the user has found the model they like best, they can take a screenshot and send it to friends using an iPhone or iPad, who can then express their opinions about the eyewear.
Vital Stats: The Silhouette iMirror can be downloaded from the iTunes Store for free.; (800) 223-0180