Today’s changing world is prompting and reflecting new action on the part of all of us. While charity is still so important, today’s social purpose initiatives have more to do with making purchases meaningful, enabling consumers to make a difference in concert with the brands, companies, professionals and organizations with whom they do business.

For the past several years, amplified by the internet and social media that accelerates communication and can speed contributions, the sense of corporate responsibility and the contribution stance of service providers and other organizations are all now among the most powerful tools for businesses and health care, too.

Futerra which examines these things and helps companies address causes, did a survey of consumers in the U.S and the U.K. recently and discovered that 96 percent of people feel their own actions, such as donating, recycling or buying ethically, can make a difference. And over half believe that they personally can make a big difference.

VM’s December cover stories in recent years have tracked this and it’s not just a “trend” but a reshaping of consumer perceptions and the ways all businesses are or should be working. I’m not suggesting that the motivations behind doing good should be selfish. If you’re not authentic or sustainable in your approach to do these things, then don’t claim to be purposeful. Maybe you can send in a donation, which is always appreciated.

But today’s sense of social responsibility is geared to a regular, consistent and genuine approach. It doesn’t matter the “cause,”—vision related, community-based, health care, or environmental/sustainability options are among the thousands of options today.

Vision and the optical retail space should be proud of what it’s doing in terms of social purpose. Our extensive cover feature this month examines only some of the work being done.

The bigger message is to own it, communicate it and be sincere and consistent about how you participate. That’s the important 2020 goal for each of us.

All the best wishes for the Holidays and for a successful New Year from the entire Vision Monday/VMAIL team.