Ohio-Based Optical Boutique Has Its #EyesOnArt


Eisenbrei Plaza Optical store front
featuring a painting from Art by Wilma K.

CANTON, Ohio—Eisenbrei Plaza Optical, the 54-year old optical boutique located here, isn’t only about providing a quality eyecare experience for customers, but is also invested in supporting other local businesses. Mark Eisenbrei, owner and optician, recently started the #EyesOnArt initiative which gives local artists a chance to display their work in his boutique.

“We are a small business helping other small businesses,” he said. “We make no profit from the artwork if a customer purchases it. That means that the artist would receive 100 percent of the profit from the sale of their work. The program will continue as long as the artists are willing to share their work with our customers and our optical.”

After seeing an article promoting a similar initiative, Eisenbrei decided to take his own spin on the idea. He got his wife and their marketing team involved in the discussion and #EyesOnArt was born.

“We had a lot of blank wall space. We thought we would fill it up with some beautiful local art,” Eisenbrei said.

A variety of works from paintings, prints and photography are displayed on the walls of Eisenbrei Plaza Optical. While there is a “large network of local talent” that they have been seeking out in the area by visiting local galleries, Eisenbrei and his team also use social media to reach out to artists.​

A wall at the entrance of Eisenbrei Plaza Optical featuring artwork from their
#EyesOnArt campaign (l) and a photo of Loretta and Mark Eisenbrei.

The #EyesOnArt campaign currently has the work of four artists on display some of which are Cantonology, Art by Wilma K. and Tina Lawver. The pieces range from prints showing the history of the city of Canton and still life works to sketches and abstract expressionism.

An art piece of the McKinley National Monument by Cantonology (l)
and a painting by #EyesOnArt artist Tina Lawver.

One special project that #EyesOnArt produced was in collaboration with artist Wilma Levengood of Art by Wilma K. She created an exclusive piece for the campaign featuring a pair of their glasses. As she worked on the painting, Eisenbrei Plaza Optical streamed the process as a Facebook Live segment.

A social media image of the
#EyesOnArt campaign.
He continued, “We wanted to establish a personal relationship with the artists so they could get to know us. They have been so supportive and excited to participate with our optical in this. It has been so rewarding.”

This community effort has also received a positive response from patients, many of whom have been excited to see the displays, have asked about purchasing pieces or have inquired about the initiative.

“It is important that we, a local business, support other growing entrepreneurs in our community. We are working together to support the community and make it a better place. We are happy to be a small piece of that with our #EyesOnArt campaign,” Eisenbrei said.