OD Finds Her Niche With Monocle Muse Blog


Sophia V., OD
NEW YORK—While Sophia V., OD, has always had an interest in fashion and writing, she feared that she wouldn’t be able to set herself apart from all of the other fashion blogs out there. But Sophia realized that it was her career as an optometrist that would inevitably differentiate her blog, Monocle Muse, from the rest.

Now, one and a half years into blogging as Monocle Muse, she wonders why she didn’t start sooner.

“I wanted to find a niche that made me a bit different, she said. “The obvious choice was eyewear since it's an industry I've been involved with for the past decade—beginning as a sales associate at an optical shop when I was in college, and naturally eyewear is my favorite accessory.”

Monocle Muse, is typically geared toward young women ages 25 to 40 who love fashion as well as eyewear lovers of all ages. On her Instagram page of the same name, Sophia has garnered over 9,000 followers who are mainly young women in New York, Toronto and London.

She’s even had patients come into her practice who’ve found her on Instagram. “I've had a few patients come in who follow me on Instagram and have then found me on ZocDoc, so I could be their eye doctor. It's so flattering! They are all extremely supportive.” Practicing optometry as an associate in a Midtown Manhattan private practice and splitting time to focus on a fashion blog and grow a social media presence poses its challenges, but Sophia believes the opportunities that come along make it worth the effort and time. “The hustle is very real. Between working five days a week as an optometrist, I shoot and write content before work, after work and on my days off, she said. “It is definitely a part time job that requires a huge investment in time, but I love my split life and the opportunities it affords me, so it makes it all really worth it.”


Less than two years into blogging, Sophia has worked with many different brands and sponsors not only in eyewear but also in fashion, beauty and food.

Along with the opportunities that have come her way, Sophia enjoys the creative aspect of running Monocle Muse. “Being an optometrist helps me exercise my critical thinking skills, communication skills and it really works out the left side of my brain. Being a lifestyle blogger satisfies my creative thirst. I'm constantly keeping an eye out for the beautiful things in my life that inspire me to create.”

Creating content as Monocle Muse has not only exposed Sophia to partnerships outside of optical but has also allowed her to connect with people within the optical industry as well.


“I have connected with many optometrists and ophthalmologists around the country who have reached out through social media, and even some aspiring optometrists who reach out with questions, she said. “I love that I can be a resource for them.”

Editor’s Note: As far as using her last name, Sophia V. said, “I have kept it private so far just to maintain some separation between my work as an optometrist and as a blogger.”