Making the Right Connections


By Mary Kane: Executive Editor

Twittering. Texting. Tag, you’re it! It seems that within the past year, the technology of communicating with one another has reached a dizzying level of intensity. The rush to stay in touch and keep everyone apprised of events, in graphic descriptions (kept to 140 characters or less of course) has become an addiction for some of us.

That’s not to say that all is fun and games when it comes to this communications merry-go-round. As we prepare to head out to Vegas for Expo West, the E-way of connecting is very much upon us as the optical industry begins to rely more and more on Twitter updates and Facebook encounters as a means of pushing the product message out to the cyberworld.

While keeping in touch through technology is today’s hot craze, there’s still nothing like the human touch—networking, the old-fashioned way, through face-to-face meetings and chance encounters in booths down on the Show floor. Because let’s face it, unlike a lot of other transactions, the business of eyewear—buying, selling and dispensing—often requires a personal touch.

And speaking of connections and the human touch, it makes me sad to know there will be one less friendly face at Expo this year since we lost Polylens’ Calvin Howell at the end of August.

I first met Calvin two years ago at the OLA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis. On our last night in Indy, we found ourselves at a blues club downtown listening to great live music while sharing our experiences about the show that had just ended. That night, I learned that Calvin wasn’t only defined by his career as a sales exec. He was also a devoted family man and a serious musician in addition to being a great colleague and a genuinely nice person.

For those of us who knew him, Calvin will indeed be missed. And like a lot of people who met Calvin, I’m grateful to know we made a connection.