We are all getting through it. Somehow. One day follows the next. One virtual conference call or Facetime follows another. The events of the past four of five weeks, as of this writing, are still hard to accept or imagine, even as we are all living it.

The human scale and scope of the coronavirus pandemic are still being unveiled. The shelter-in-place, social distancing and CDC and state recommendations of “essential” services are reshaping businesses both small and large, independent and corporate, new and old, startups and legacy, rural and big city, tearing apart the usual fabric of our lives.

Yes, the stress is palpable. We have all felt it. Another element of the crisis, though, is the recognition of the interconnection of all of us to each of us. The impact is not singular but collective. The global and local communities are blurred. Where is the “end” of my problem or the “start” of yours? Where is the collective view of individual heroes? How are we all interdependent for our lives and our livelihoods?

There is not a clear view out but there will be a way. It will be “new.” It won’t be “back,” it will be “forward.” Yes, raising the awareness of the critical value of eyecare to a productive life, can be rebuilt and enhanced. The normal “fractionalized” view of vision care and modern vision care solutions must be re-explained and redefined and we will do that.

Was there waste in the complicated system of delivering eyecare and quality eyecare to millions of people? Yes, there was...and it’s not a risky bet to say there will be less of this when things return and re-emerge.

Will there be opportunities to view partnerships and resources differently? Absolutely. Will there be ways that both independents and larger corporate entities survive and thrive? Definitely.

Do we know “when” or exactly “how?” Not yet. But, like all of you, we’re working on it. We are here. We are in it with you.

Calculating and refiguring. Projecting and speculating. Talking and ideating. Listening and sharing.

Please stay in touch. From our team to you and yours, we are here.