Independents Rally to Spread Positivity Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


NEW YORK—There is absolutely no making light of our current situation. The COVID-19 pandemic is an international tragedy, and there’s no denying that—but in times of extreme unhappiness, it’s important and helpful to be positive where and whenever we can in order to help ourselves and those around us get through an otherwise overwhelming period. For ECPs, this pandemic has ultimately meant many practices either have been or will be forced to temporarily close their doors until it is safe to open up once again. In addition, routine eye exams will have to be on pause for the time being. This is devastating for so many of us—but in spite of this, ECPs all around the world have been coming together to spread positivity and messages of help and hope however they can. This week, we headed over to Instagram to take a look at how independent ECPs are doing their part to keep spirits up amid this time of international fear and uncertainty. Read More