Product: Direct Selective Laser Trabeculosplasty (DSLT)
Top Line: Belkin Vision is a clinical-stage medical device company developing an automated and fast glaucoma laser treatment. The drop-less, first line treatment allows ophthalmologists and other eyecare providers to treat many more patients.
Close Up: Belkin Vision’s technology, Direct Selective Laser Trabeculosplasty (DSLT), is focused on transforming conventional glaucoma management from a specialized procedure into one that is effective, safe and reliable. The company’s proprietary laser technology poses an alternative to eye drops, or will be used in conjunction with them. This holistic approach combining both laser and drugs will ensure controlled IOP, non-dependent on patient compliance with minimum fluctuations, according to Belkin Vision.
Chief commercial officer, Andrew Webb, commented, “Our ground-breaking technology enables a simple and intuitive treatment for glaucoma which can be easily applied by all eyecare professionals. Our ultimate goal is to have Belkin Vision’s technology used as the first-line choice when treating newly diagnosed glaucoma and OHT patients.”
Vital Stats: Direct Selective Laser Trabeculosplasty (DSLT)
• Automated: high-resolution image acquisition algorithm, eye tracker
• Intuitive: touch screen, activated by a single press of a button
• Extremely quick: treatment in seconds
• Patient friendly: Non-invasive, non-contact, instantaneous and painless
• Belkin’s method requires no delivery device as it directs the laser beams deep into the trabecular meshwork through the schlera and around the limbus, with all the laser shots applied in seconds.
Unique patient benefits:
• Applies to all glaucoma types
• Overcomes compliance problems
• Can be used a primary treatment
• No damage to cornea, eye surface or angle structure
• No need for gel causing blurred vision
• Fully compatible with future glaucoma surgeries
Belkin Vision has raised $19 million in capital. Its main investors are Santen Pharmaceuticals (Japan); Rimonci Capital (China); ZIG Ventures (Singapore); CP-CR Life Science Fund (Hong Kong); C-Mer Eye Care (Hong Kong); BioLight Life Sciences (Israel); Rad Biomed Accelerator (Israel).