The No. 1 biggest source of financial stress among U.S. adults for the month of March was managing living expenses, with 27 percent being most concerned about the cost of necessities like groceries, gas and utilities, according to a recent feature in eMarketer. Saving, investing and planning for the future were the second biggest stressor, cited by 19 percent, while managing debt was No. 3, with 13 percent calling it their primary financial worry.

Just 18 percent of U.S. adults felt very secure about their financial situation in March, weeks after the consumer price index hit a 40-year high. That month, 27 percent said they were financially worse off than before the COVID-19 pandemic, up from 20 percent in April 2021. As global unrest and supply chain snags continue to drive up the cost of living, many U.S. consumers are facing an uncertain financial future.