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Sios Debuts New Packaging for No Fog Cloth

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Product: New Packaging for No Fog Cloth
Top Line: Sios (Santinelli International Optical Supplies) has launched new and improved packaging, including Deluxe P.O.P. displays for No Fog Cloth.
Close Up: The new No Fog Cloth packaging captures more impactful remodeled imaging, improved product instructions in both in English and Spanish, enhanced re-sealable plastic storage bags; all re-packaged in a new self-dispensing 32-pcs. refill kit. Additionally, an all-new deluxe P.O.P. display has been introduced reflecting the same enhanced imaging with customer-facing English or Spanish sided messaging. Both the refill and deluxe displays come with instructions for quick and easy set up, and both the packaging and resealable plastic storage pouch have enhanced simple instructions for cloth use and care.
“Recognizing the demographics for the prevalent spread of COVID-19 particularly amongst people of color and the Hispanic and Latino communities, we felt it important to deliver both the best product and important messaging to this highly impacted population in order to protect their comfort while they protect themselves and others wearing masks,” said Gerard Santinelli, president and CEO of Santinelli. “Now more than ever, practices need to provide customers with the care and convenience that they need and deserve. Santinelli’s No Fog Cloth packaging and communication improvements now make it easier to both merchandise the product as well as give the client better understanding of the products use and care.”
Vital Stats: The No Fog Cloth offers a convenient and effective solution to get rid of fog while wearing masks. No messy drops or sprays, just a simple, easy to use cloth. “The ROI is outstanding for practices, with many of our customers sighting an impressive cyclical effect of new patients returning to purchase this product, especially since it’s currently not available on Amazon or in other big box stores,” said Santinelli. He noted that the No Fog Cloth works for all types of lens materials and coatings, including AR. Further, the cloth’s results last up to 8 to 12 hours and can be reused for more than 200 applications.; 1-(855) 644-SIOS