Product: Progear PFAS-free anti-fogging formula
Top Line: Some Anti-fogging agents contain Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances, commonly known as PFAS. They are a group of chemicals that includes PFOA and PFOS chemicals, which are harmful to the human body and environment. Since they are not degradable, they can accumulate in humans, animals, and plants, and can lead to serious health issues such as cancer (from PFOA) and thyroid hormone disruption (from PFOS).
Progear’s new and improved anti-fogging formula, available in wipe and gel form, is manufactured completely free from PFAS (PFOA & PFOS) and has been tested and confirmed by Bureau Veritas. Progear can be comfortably used with no negative implications towards human and environmental health, according to the manufacturer.
Close Up: Progear lasts up to 24 hours per application and it is safe for all lens materials and coatings, including multi-coated lenses.
Vital Stats: Progear is a sports eyewear brand specializing in Rx-able, ASTM F803/EN166 compliant sports eyewear since 2010 and is sold in over 15,000 retail outlets worldwide. The brand also covers Rx-able multi-sport performance sunglasses and various vision accessories including anti-fog gel and wipes.
Progear is available in the U.S. via major laboratory networks such as Interstate Lab Group and associated Essilor labs, Hoya Vision Care and Walman Optical.; (602-284-6462)