Many recently vaccinated people might find that with the vaccine comes a feeling of being more carefree than most of us have been in a while. However, in addition to potential side effects, there's one more thing you may need to keep an eye out for once you've been vaccinated against COVID-19: scams. Recently, Mental Floss reports, the The FBI regional office in Omaha, Nebraska, issued a warning about people being contacted via email or text message, and asked to conduct a post-vaccine survey. Many of these messages offer prizes for completing the survey, such as an iPad or a gift card. In actuality, there is no vaccine survey, and you should always be careful about giving out your personal information. COVID-19 vaccines are free to all, and you also should not have to pay money to "secure" your slot. Head over to Mental Floss for more information about these scams, and what to do if you witness one.