Product: AllClean UV-C
Top Line: Ear Technology Corp. is introducing a disinfecting system for vision care professionals who want to keep their products properly sanitized: AllClean UV-C. Eschenbach Optik of America has been selected as the distribution partner for low-vision professionals, and OptiSource International has been chosen as the distribution partner for all other vision care professionals.
Close Up: The AllClean UV-C system kills 99.8 percent of bacteria and viruses, including MS2 Bacteriophage, Staphylococcus aureus, and Human Coronavirus 229E.
The new AllClean UV-C is a tabletop disinfecting system that utilizes high-intensity light in a reflective cabinet to kill viruses and bacteria. The UV-C intensity and exposure time of three minutes allows the unit to sanitize the products inside so that they are safe to use again after being handled.
The reflective cabinet can be used to disinfect eyeglasses as well as magnifiers, telescopes, readers, prism eyewear and filters. It features two removable shelves so that larger products can fit inside and the sanitizing space can be maximized. For eye protection, the cabinet also has a door detection switch which triggers the lamp cycle to end if the door is opened.

Vital Stats:
  • Quick three-minute cycle allows eyeglass frames and magnification devices to be sanitized more quickly and conveniently than having staff wipe them down and dry them
  • A high-intensity UV-C lamp reduces 99.8 percent of bacteria and viruses without damaging electronics
  • Digital timer countdown with automatic shut-off
  • Safety door detection switch triggers the UV-C cycle to end if the door is opened.
  • Indicator light: blue = sanitization; white = standby
  • One-touch power button;