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Amcon Labs Debuts Anti-Fog Cloth

Product: Amcon Laboratories’ Anti-Fog Cloth.
Top Line: Amcon Labs is introducing a reusable, highly effective anti-fog cloth safe for use on all lens types and coatings.
Close Up: The cloth helps eliminate fogging on eyeglass lenses, sport goggles, helmets, safety glasses and face shields. It is reusable and effective up to 200 uses, and each anti-fog application lasts 8-12 hours. The cloth is 6”x7” and comes packed in a reusable bag to keep it clean and effective.
Vital Stats: Amcon’s Anti-Fog Cloth is packaged in an eye-catching retail sleeve with patient use instructions. The sleeve can be hung on standard peg office displays to free up counter space. Prop 65 Compliant for retailing in California.