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Spectrum Vision Partners Updates Care Options in Response to COVID-19

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GARDEN CITY, N.Y.—Spectrum Vision Partners (SVP), a PE-backed management services firm, announced last week that it will continue to monitor the progression of the coronavirus outbreak, and will modify its services to doctors as necessary. Working with its physician leaders across the four states it serves and within the federal and state regulations designed to minimize health risks to patients and employees, SVP said it has worked to “stage down operations and provide essential care out of a limited number of clinic offices” beginning March 18.

Prior to this date, SVP-affiliated ambulatory surgery centers also stopped all non-emergency surgeries in advance of CDC and medical society recommendations. SVP will continue to work with its affiliated physician leaders to adhere to CDC, local government and national eyecare organization guidelines regarding when to reschedule these surgeries and reopen safely, last week’s announcement noted.

Spectrum Vision Partners, which is backed by Blue Sea Capital, among other private equity firms, has nearly 800 employees across a network of multi-specialty ophthalmologists in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania region. The network includes 28 clinic locations and three ambulatory centers.

“Strategically staging down operations into regional emergency care centers and allowing our employees and patients to practice the recommended social-distancing is the best way to prevent the spread of the virus and support the well-being of the community,” chief executive officer Tom Burke said. “Although this is far from business as usual, we will continue to do everything possible to provide for our patients’ safety and their immediate vision care needs during this unprecedented and challenging time.”

SVP said it will continue to monitor the situation as directed by local government and national societies. “For now, our priority continues to be the safety and well-being of our employees, their families, and the patients who depend on the emergency eyecare our affiliated clinics provide,” Burke said.