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Rockin' for New Eyes Fundraiser Cancelled, Event Organizers Say

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NEW YORK—Rockin’ for New Eyes, the annual fundraiser for New Eyes for the Needy, is being cancelled, the event’s organizers said Friday. The move follows the announcement by the Vision Council and Reed Exhibitions that Vision Expo East, due to be held March 26-29, is being consolidated with Vision Expo West in Las Vegas, Sept. 23-26. “While we are all disappointed the ‘the show can’t go on’ this year, we collectively applaud the intense reflection and final decision to protect the health of the conference attendees during this difficult time,” said Jean Gajano of New Eyes for the Needy, Bob Stein of National Vision and John Alofs of Eyewear by ROI, who manage Rockin’ for New Eyes.

The trio told VMAIL, “We achieved our goal of $220,000 in donations, and will continue our commitment to use those funds in the most effective manner to deliver much needed optical care to the optically underserved. We will be back in 2021 and will keep the 1970s theme that we were excited to deliver this year. We were ready to rock the house, but will just have to bottle that up until next year.”

The organizers also thanked the musicians and others who volunteer their time and services to help make Rockin’ for New Eyes a success, year after year.