Coronavirus BRIEFING

CooperVision, Americas President Jerry Warner Provides Update on Firm’s Response to Coronavirus

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SAN RAMON, Calif.— Company teams at CooperVision are “examining every area of our business to identify opportunities” to support ECPs in these difficult times, a letter this week from CooperVision, Americas president Jerry Warner noted. The company also is “mindful that many of you as small business owners are seeking additional resources to support your practices and your contact lens-wearing patients,” the letter to eyecare professionals noted. Warner said that at this time it is “especially important to keep the lines of communication open,’ which, he noted, has prompted him to share an update on what CooperVision is doing as the optical sector contends with coronavirus.

They include:

• Continued manufacturing and shipping. CooperVision is still in production, with full supply.

• Free shipping for direct-to-patient orders. CooperVision is now offering free freight for direct-to-patient contact lens delivery of any two boxes or more. The lenses will be shipped to patients via FedEx 2-Day Air or USPS on the ECP’s behalf. The company also is providing reimbursement for authorized distributors to participate in the direct-to-patient delivery program. ODs who work with a distributor, should ask the distributor about the details.

• Modified consumer rebate policies. To ensure that patients still qualify for their contact lens rebates—and to help ODs continue to drive sales of annual supplies—the company has temporarily modified its rebate policies. Typically, to be eligible for a consumer rebate, the contact lens purchase must be made within 90 days of an eye exam. However, if a patient doesn’t have a current eye exam and wishes to buy an annual supply of contact lenses during this time, CooperVision will accept and honor that submission with proof of purchase and proof of any prior exam from your office.

• Extended payment terms. For eligible independent eyecare practices in good standing, CooperVision is offering extended payment terms on current pending invoices. Given that cash flow and business processes may be interrupted, CooperVision has implemented a 30-day payment extension, which also will apply to all orders placed directly with CooperVision and through its participating Authorized Distributor Network until May 31, 2020.

• E-commerce contact lens services. As office closures, limited hours, or emergency-only care hinder ODs’ usual services, CooperVision said it understands that ODs may also be exploring options for online contact lens purchases through their practices. The company noted that EyeCare Prime, a subsidiary of CooperVision, offers LensFerry—a doctor-friendly e-commerce contact lens service that enables patients to order lenses from a practice 24/7 via text, tablet, or computer, with deliveries directly to their homes.

• Supporting patient education. CooperVision knows that patients have questions about the safety of contact lenses, lens wear and care in relation to COVID-19, and the direct-to-patient shipping process. The company is providing answers via its website and social media channels to support other patient communications.

• CooperVision customer-facing team. Although the sales team is operating from home, the representatives are fully available to help. Customer service also continues to operate at full strength and is available at 1-800-341-2020 (press 1 for Customer Service, 3 for service in Spanish, 4 for Consultation Support).

• Continuous communication. On a biweekly basis (sooner should events dictate) ODs will hear from CooperVision through this format. However, in the meantime, please feel free to reach out to the company via sales rep or the customer service team.

Warner added in his letter, “For everyone at CooperVision, our values of partnering, and being inventive, friendly and dedicated do not just apply during the best of times, they are even more critical in more challenging times like these. We have talked with thousands of practitioners as this situation has evolved, but more importantly we’re listening.”
Warner noted that it is important for “all of us to remember that we are in this together. In fact, we depend on each other not just now, but as we look forward to our recovery.”

He added, “The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic remains fluid as we all work to find our bearings in a ‘new normal’ for the foreseeable future. We know that you’re faced with unprecedented obstacles as you strive to maintain not only your business, but a high standard of care for your patients.”