iViews Connect Powered by Oculo, a Solution for CMS Interoperability, Now Available in U.S.

Product: iViews Connect Powered by Oculo
Top Line: IViews Imaging System releases to the U.S. market, “iViews Connect powered by Oculo.” This product is the first of a series to connect separate eye health care providers with an online referral workflow. IViews Connect utilizes the power and reach of iViews with Oculo’s (www.oculo.co) communication workflow logic. This allows iViews Connect to send secure correspondence, HD imaging, and reports digitally to the eyecare professionals that work together each day.
Close Up: iViews Connect solves the CMS Interoperability issue many institutions face this year.
“We are delighted to work with the iViews team, who so clearly share Oculo’s passion to improve eyecare for patients by providing superior solutions for clinicians. iViews Connect will bring comprehensive telemedicine tools that enhance both the clinical practice and business performance for eyecare professionals,” said Dr. Kate Taylor, CEO and founder of Oculo. Paul Chace III, CEO and founder of iViews added, “iViews Connect allows HD imaging and reports to be selected and seamlessly shared them between clinicians caring for common patients. Our customers love how this saves a great deal of time and improves their referral management. The triage capabilities and ability to connect with fellow clinicians and patients outside their practice is essential in today's clinical environment. Being able to link images with a virtual review, means eyecare professionals can optimize clinical productivity with hybrid models of meaningful telemedicine.” Chace says a practical example is “An ER can now share Ocular pictures and if need, do a video consult with the ophthalmologist on call. The changed workflow means that diagnosis is quicker and the treatment is faster. Increasing the chance of saving the eye sight of the patient.“
Vital Stats: Dr. Taylor continued, “COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way clinicians deliver eyecare and we see that as an enduring change. The acceleration of telemedicine creates opportunities to maximize clinic capacity and utilization. This is important, given how many patients have stayed away from clinical settings over the past months and the need for care this backlog of patients represents. That’s why iViews Connect powered by Oculo’s HIPAA-compliant video consultation and referral management solution that deepens relationships with referring doctors is more important than ever.”
Chace concluded, “With eyecare, high quality, high fidelity images, video and scans with medical history are critical for clinical decision making. All of the iViews applications work across a practice with tools to help eyecare professionals seamlessly manage clinical images and review all clinical notes timely. With iViews Connect, it will be easier than ever to share with colleagues who are not on the same EHR and share directly with their patients.”
For more information, contact Paul Chace at pchace@iviewsimaging.com or Lindsey Benson at lbenson@iviewsimaging.com
www.iviewsimaging.net; www.oculo.co; info@oculo.co