NEW YORK—For many, springtime brings joy. Spring and summer mean longer days, warmer weather, and more outdoor adventures—but, for millions, it can also mean brutal and sometimes debilitating allergies that make this beautiful season unbearable. According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, a professional medical membership organization of nearly 6,800 allergist/immunologists and related professionals, roughly 7.8 percent of people 18 and over in the U.S. have hay fever. Rhinitis, often called hay fever, is most often caused by pollen in the air, and, as many of us know all too well, symptoms can include itching in the nose, mouth, throat and eyes, sneezing, a stuffy or runny nose, tearing eyes and dark circles under the eyes.

Those suffering from hay fever have a myriad of options when it comes to treatments and professionals, and many turn to ECPs for help because of the way seasonal allergies affect the eyes. This week, we’re taking a look at how some ECPs around the country are tackling the dawn of allergy season.

Lindsay Berry, OD, FCOVD, of Vision Advancement Center in Frisco, Texas, shared some of the most common allergy symptoms on Instagram, so patients can identify if allergies are what’s plaguing them. Image via visionadvancementcenter on Instagram. 

The team at Optiplex Eyecare, with two locations in Victoria, Australia, shared some ways allergy sufferers can mitigate some of the symptoms of allergies. Image via optiplex.eyecare on Instagram.

Sisters Jennifer and Kymber Blaschke, both ODs in Texas, shared some information about eye drops and other ways to take care of allergies that are affecting the eyes. Image via eyedocsisters on Instagram.

The team at South Jersey Eye Associates in New Jersey warned patients that sometimes, extreme allergies can affect eyesight, and encouraged them to come into the office to prevent this. Image via southjerseyeyeassociates on Instagram.

In Arlington, Virginia, the Arlington Eye Center team also encouraged patients to book an appointment to help mitigate the annoying ocular effects of allergies. Image via arlingtoneyecenter on Instagram.

The team at Eyedeology Eyecare & Eyewear in Calgary, Canada, shared some of the ways ECPs can help patients experiencing seasonal allergies. Image via on Instagram.

Midwest City Eyecare Associates in Midwest City, Oklahoma shared a sweet, spring-themed graphic, and reminded patients not to rub their eyes when allergies bother them. Image via midwestcityeyecareassociates on Instagram.

Finally, eyewear brands are tackling allergy season as well. GlamBaby, a children’s sunglasses brand created by Arian Fartash, OD, of the Glam Optometrist, shared tips and tricks for preventing eye allergies in children. Image via officialglambaby on Instagram.