NEW YORK—At the beginning of the month, the National Eye Institute declared May Healthy Vision Month. This year, the Healthy Vision Month theme is Eye Health on Equity, with a special focus on "the importance of increasing diversity in the eye health field—and how that can help everyone have an equal chance for healthy vision," the NEI said on its website. The NEI is celebrating the month with a variety of healthy vision resources for ECPs, including social media messages and graphics and sample newsletters, as well as resources for patients to find an ECP, pay for eyecare and more.

As we continue into the second half of May, and the second half of Healthy Vision Month, we’re taking a look at some of the ways ECPs are taking note of Healthy Vision Month on social media, and how you can get involved too. 

In Wasilla, Alaska, the Wolf Eye Center team noted that one of Alaska’s most famous delicacies is also great for your eye health. Image via wolfeyecenter on Instagram.

Johnson Eye Care in Cary, Illinois, shared five tips for a lifetime of healthy vision from the AOA. Image via johnsoneyecarecaryil on Instagram. 

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the team at Baton Rouge Regional Eye Bank shared a cute graphic that explains seven vital habits keep eyes healthy. Image via breyebank on Instagram

The team at Your Eye Dr. in Maple, Ontario honored Healthy Vision Month by sharing guidelines for eye exam frequency, and why it’s so important to stick to them. Image via youreyedr on Instagram

In Las Vegas, the Sahara Eye Center team shared a pretty graphic and the classic 20/20/20 tip from the NEI to encourage healthy eye habits. Image via sarahaeyecenter on Instagram. 

The team at Eyepic Eyecare in New York City put together a little pop quiz to help patients learn more about the importance of looking after their eye health. Image via eyepiceyecare on Instagram. 

In Jacksonville, Florida, the Clay Eye team celebrates Healthy Vision Month with an annual Vision Walk supporting the Foundation for Fighting Blindness. Here, they shared a throwback image from the 2012 walk. Image via clayeyephysicians on Instagram