NEW YORK—Last week, the country—and the world—sprung into action. In the streets, online, and in senators’, representatives’ and mayors’ offices, Americans pushed and protested for the Black Lives Matter movement, making their voices heard and doing their part to change the course of history. As massive movements that touch every single aspect of society, Black Lives Matter and Amplifying Melanated Voices have become important topics in the optical community as well. On social media, ODs, opticians, brands, and influencers stepped up to make their voices heard. Here, we take a look at just a small number of those who have important things to say about the movement.

Tarrence Lackran, director, Industry Relations at Vision Expo and The Optical Poet on Instagram, shared an important post about having tough conversations with the people in our lives in order to bring about necessary change. Image via The Optical Poet on Instagram.

Gogosha Optique used Instagram to share what changes they will be making going forward in order to ensure that this movement does not fade from the forefront. Image via Gogosha Optique on Instagram.

On IGTV, Coco and Breezy shared an honest, important look at their experiences about being Black in the optical industry, and called on all of us to continue the conversation. Image via Coco and Breezy on Instagram.

Optician Utenzi Miller issued a reminder that we have the power within ourselves to make meaningful change. By reading, learning, listening and voting, we can make a major, impactful difference. Image via Utenzi Miller on Instagram.

Nishan Pressley, OD, celebrated the addition of her name to her practice’s front door—and touched on the significance this carries for her family. Image via Nishan Pressley on Instagram.

The team at l.a.Eyeworks shared their support for protesters in Los Angeles, many of whom marched past the brand’s iconic Beverly Boulevard location along their route. The team also committed to listening, learning and expanding their “ongoing mission toward full freedom of expression for everyone.” Image via l.a.Eyeworks on Instagram.

The team at Diopter Eye Clinic in London did their part by sharing important information on how protesters can best protect their eyes should they have to face rubber bullets, tear gas or pepper spray. Image via Diopter Eye Clinic on Instagram.