Indies Take to Social Media to Spread Glaucoma Awareness

NEW YORK—January is a month of many things: it’s the start of a new year, a new semester at school, a fresh beginning for many—and Glaucoma Awareness Month, too. Although we’ve passed the month’s midway point, there is still plenty of time to remind your patients just how important Glaucoma awareness actually is, and routine trips to the optometrist can help control the sneak thief of sight. This week, we’re taking a look at how indies across the country have spread Glaucoma awareness online, hopefully providing a little inspiration to anyone who hasn’t jumped on board yet.

Every year, Prevent Blindness helps lead the charge on Glaucoma Awareness Month. Image via prevent_blindness on Instagram.

The team at Seaside Eyes in Brunswick, Georgia, shared an easy to understand graphic that explains what Glaucoma is, and how it progresses. Image via seaside.eyes on Instagram.

Bella Eye Care Optometry, located in San Francisco, shared the three major risk factors of Glaucoma to help patients identify if they might be at a higher risk. Image via bellaeyecareoptometry on Instagram.

The team at Vision Advancement Center in Frisco, Texas underscored the importance of testing for Glaucoma through a classic Sight Gag by Scott Lee, OD. Image via visionadvancementcenter on Instagram.

Carman Vision Services, in Carman, Manitoba, Canada, also used a cute cartoon to explain Glaucoma. Image via carmanvisionservices on Instagram.

Instead of a cartoon, the team at The Plano Eye Care Center in Plano, Texas, explained the sneak thief of sight with cupcakes. Image via planoeyecare on Instagram.

The team at Mittleman Eye in West Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, explained their newest Glaucoma treatment. Image via mittlemaneye on Instagram.