TikTok Launches Small Business Resource Center

NEW YORK—TikTok has moved way beyond goofy dances, cute fashion drama and music clips. Even though the site’s tone remains light, the fast-growing social media platform is becoming a new way for businesses and health care professionals to connect with patients. It is on track to reach more than one billion users in 2021. As VM has recently reported, a growing number of independent eyecare professionals are expanding their followers on the platform, too.

So as it builds out its business platform and ad tools, TikTok has launched a new Small Business Resource Center, which includes a range of creative tools, case studies, webinars, metrics and other information to help small businesses better utilize the fast-growing app.

From the case stories to inspiring ideas to ad infoormation and signup for the TikTok Small Business blog, it’s a resource rich site to capture the dynamics of reaching patients, customers and telling brand stories in new ways.