NEW YORK—Eyecare is of course a unique field, but many independent health care providers and professionals are facing similar challenges today. One resource that could inspire ideas to be utilized among eyecare professionals is a site called Elation Health. The site is about providing EHR services to primary care doctors, but we found a range of resources and ideas that can be adopted for vision care as well. Elation offers various support concepts for independent practices. Its Guides and Resources offer help on patient experience topics, telehealth services, care quality and patient engagement, practice management and customer experience here.

There’s advice for direct care, group practices, new practices, care groups and more as well.

And another element of the Elation site is their independent practitioner Stories, which are personal/professional accounts of how patient care comes first in today’s modern health care practices. Even if the story is about, say, an independent cardiologist practice, for example, the experiences, advice and learnings are something all health specialists can relate to.