Hilco Vision: Keeping Americans Safe

Hilco Vision’s Made in the USA OnGuard safety frame collection grew out of a realization that the Hilco Vision team was brimming with internal expertise regarding safety, and that there are “exceptional materials and manufacturing capabilities located in the U.S.,” Debbie Fitzgibbons, Hilco Vision’s director of marketing and communications told VM. “We felt we had a unique opportunity to build a collection that celebrated these attributes while offering stylish Rx safety frames to our customers to prevent eye injuries while on the job.”

Not all of Hilco Vision’s collections are made in the U.S., but, Fitzgibbons said, Hilco Vision has found that being American made resonates particularly well “in safety, where the end user of the frames is often working in manufacturing environments that require safety eyewear.” With approximately 2,000 eye injuries occurring on the job daily in the U.S., there’s surely no shortage of need for American-made safety gear and, like the team at ArtCraft, Hilco Vision has found that the pandemic is a uniquely important time for safety eyewear.

Fitzgibbons said, “Our entire optical industry was significantly impacted over these past few months due to COVID, however, one of our main priorities and focus was to continue to carry out our safety mission in keeping workers safe and wearing the proper Rx safety eyewear… We are proud of the role we can play in offering our customers ‘Made in USA’ products and will continue in this journey.”