Hydrogel Vision Corp. Debuts Icuity H2O, One-Week Modality

By Marge Axelrad: Editorial Director

SARASOTA, Fla.—Hydrogel Vision Corporation (HVC), makers of H2O disposable soft contact lenses, have announced the expansion of their product line with a new lens and a new modality: Icuity H2O one week replacement.

The lens is a new option for patients who would benefit from a more frequent replacement, but don’t want to incur the cost of a daily disposable lens, the company said. HVC president Steve Schuster explained that the market is still seeking better options for patients who have issues with dryness, comfort and deposits and that frequent replacement, when combined with the right material, will help alleviate these problems.

He said, “Icuity H2O will allow your patients to replace their lenses weekly for about the same price they’re now paying for two-week and one half the price of one-day. Weekly replacement also helps with compliance.”

Icutiy H2O is made with hioxiflcon A, a non-ionic ultra-hydrating material that retains 99 percent of its water content throughout the wearing time. Lens comfort, movement and fit are stable throughout the day. Icuity H2O comes in a Median and Steep base curve. Available parameters are: Median +6.00 to -10.00 and Steep -0.25 to -10.00. Free diagnostic sets of Icuity H2O are available directly through Hydrogel Vision and through any of their authorized distributors.

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