Bold Face: Sassy Blondes

Bold Face explores the cult of celebrity and the styles, trends and brands that stars show off in movies, at events and living their daily lives. To be considered for inclusion please contact senior editor, Deirdre Carroll.

If the three ladies in this week’s edition of Bold Face are any indication, blondes really do have more fun, especially when they're wearing super stylish sunnies!

Elisabeth Moss plays Peggy Olson on AMC’s wildly popular drama Mad Men. The award-winning series, which takes place in 1960’s New York, follows the lives of the ruthlessly competitive men and women of Sterling Advertising Agency. Though, last season’s viewers got the impression that Peggy Olson would not be returning after receiving a job offer at another agency, she is in fact back for the sixth season of the show which premiered on April 7. Though Moss sports a mousey brown color in the show to play the ambitious Peggy, in real life Moss clearly believes that blondes have more fun. Here she is sporting a platinum ‘do and the Chloé CE100SL sun style from Marchon

To be an accomplished dancer, singer and actress by the age of 24 with an Emmy nomination, lead roles in three major Hollywood films and a three year relationship with one of the most powerful men in entertainment, you know Julianne Hough has to be sassy. Safe Haven, which premiered on Valentine’s Day this year, has earned Hough the necessary acting cred to ensure a healthy Tinseltown career and in fact we’ll see her again on the big screen later this year in Diablo Cody’s Paradise. Like many women after a serious breakup, Hough chopped her blond locks off in March for a kickier short ‘do but it doesn’t look like heart ache is keeping her down; she was recently spotted having a ton of fun poolside in Los Angeles wearing the Converse Rim Light sunglasses from REM

For the last three years Ashley Benson has played Hanna Marin on ABC Family’s mystery-thriller television series Pretty Little Liars, now in its fourth season. But the 23 year-old is clearly trying to throw off the possible pitfalls of “family-friendly” typecasting by taking on some more adult roles. First as a guest role on CBS’s How I Met Your Mother as Barney Stinson’s little half-sister who dates the much older Ted Mosby and most recently in the crime thriller film Spring Breakers where she plays a college girl who along with three friends decides to rob a fast food restaurant to pay for their spring break. Though she dyed her naturally blond hair dark to play the instigating Brit in the film, Benson has lightened back up since the movie premiered on March 15. Here the fair-haired beauty sports a little naughty and nice in a leather jacket and Tory Burch TY7026 sunglasses from Luxottica.