Rodenstock Group Makes Organizational Changes

MUNICH, Germany—The Rodenstock Group announced that it is restructuring its organization in order to increase its effectiveness and competitiveness. “The focal point of the new organizational model is the improved integration of the sales and marketing departments to enable them to work even more closely to their relevant markets,” said Rodenstock CEO Oliver Kastalio.

Rodenstock said Kastalio will take over direct responsibility for all sales and marketing organizations to ensure that they are focused on being close to their markets and customers. The position of chief sales officer, held by Marc-Oliver Schneider, is being eliminated, and Schneider is leaving the Rodenstock Group by mutual consent. The human resources department will also be placed under the control of the CEO.

According to Rodenstock, the changes are based on an overall plan that includes the structure of the organization, its processes and the personnel responsible for them

The group’s future organizational model consists of three supporting columns. The first of these will be the new Eyewear and Lenses business units. These departments are responsible for the overall control of the business units.

The second is Global Commercial Operations which will control communications between the headquarters and the international organizations in each country. The third and last is the sales organisation which is divided into four segments in keeping with the strategic alignment of the Rodenstock Group, namely Sales Germany, all the regional sales organizations in Europe, the sales organizations in Asia and finally Global Emerging Opportunities which focuses on the establishment and expansion of global strategies.