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NEW YORK—How do you generate good electronic word-of-mouth on customer review websites? The following ECPs told dba how they encourage good reviews while reacting to the bad ones: Jonathan Rosin, MD, Co-President, Rosin Eyecare; Stephen L. Franklin, CEO, Accurate Optical Co.; Mark Johnson, Director of Optical Services, Virginia Eye Institute; and Robin Matejka, Marketing Director, Emerging Vision, Inc., dba Sterling Optical and Site For Sore Eyes, New York, N.Y. Read all about it in the latest edition of VM’s dba Newsletter

To call attention to eye diseases that lead to low vision, Lighthouse International has placed a 15-foot by 7-foot display in Rockefeller Center asking the question, “Will I be able to read?” The advertising campaign will run for the month of January 2013 in a display window donated by EHE International in one of New York City’s most world-renowned locations. Its goal is to call attention to the question always asked by someone diagnosed with macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, or other eye diseases. Read more about the campaign’s details in the latest edition of In the News on