Keeping Up Appearances and Patients Taking Eyewear Into Their Own Hands on


NEW YORK—An eyewear sighting can happen anywhere. In this week’s edition of Bold Face, VM features three well-known faces and the frames that recently made an entrance perched front and center. Check out these stars who are Keeping Up Appearances in styles from Marchon, Sama Eyewear and Altair.

Patients expecting repairs and adjustments on glasses they bought somewhere else, requesting their prescription and asking ECPs to provide them with their PD measurements all seem to be accelerating, particularly as buying online increases. See the latest edition of dba, where several retailers shared the policies they follow including the viewpoints of: Larry L. Pearson, president and CEO, Midwest Vision Centers; Brad Bowers, managing partner, Bowers & Snyder Opticians; Judd Sky, president/CEO, Partners in Vision Inc.; Stephen L. Franklin, chief executive officer, Accurate Optical Company, Inc.; Alan Ulsifer, OD, CEO and president, FYidoctors; Gordon A. Bishop, FNAO, ABOC, RO, CEO and president, Sunland Optical; Mark Johnson, director of optical services, Virginia Eye Institute; and David H. Hettler, OD, Drs. May & Hettler.