Copper Tops in Sun Styles and Post-Expo Coverage on


NEW YORK—Bold Face has a soft spot for redheads. The freckles, the second take flash of color in the corner of your eye and the fiery personalities are all irresistible. In this week’s edition, Bold Face: GingersVM features three copper tops in sun styles from Marchon, Marcolin and Luxottica that are also hard to resist.

From CE to lab equipment to frame fashions, this year’s Expo attendees all had their eyes on what’s new in optical at Vision Expo East. See what show floor strollers had to say in our online post-Expo feature, Vision Monday Surveys the Show Floor at Vision Expo.

If you’re looking to experience even more of Vision Expo East, look no further than Vision Monday’s wrap up of the weekend’s events. Optical enthusiasts skipped St. Patrick’s Day for their own celebrations in eyecare and ran a marathon of sorts as they juggled the week’s New York City events. See how “Expo Continues to Make a NYC ‘Spectacle’” on